The jury for the 2023 edition will be chaired by the master perfumer RamónRamón MonegalMonegal

and a group of experts in perfume, design, gastronomy, art as well as the winners of the 2022 edition.​

President of the Jury


After 30 years in his profession, having become Master Perfumer, Ramon Monegal’s challenge is to acquire excellence, in a way that only a luxury product can do, and transfer his knowledge to the 5th generation. He longed to use the noblest and most delicate essences that exist in the world and as he is able, to transmit feelings and emotions with timeless Mediterranean passion, to restore the natural channel of art to… excite, attract, surprise, create desire, pleasure and magic…


Alenxandre Vire

Winner of the 2022 general category jury award

Francesco Vidilli

Independent Category Jury Prize Winner 2022

Maria Gil Villaescusa

Winner of the public award 2022 edition

Joan Mateu

CEO de PRFM - Rosendo Mateu Perfums

Jessica Mignot

Deputy web editor, member of the NEZ collective, holder of a master's degree in philosophy.

Cesar Canovas

Sommelier, currently works at the Can Matons winery.

Elisabeth Vidal

Senior Perfumer Prestige & Niche Fragrances - Puig

Charo Moreno

Journalist. Director of Beautyprof magazine.

Susanna Cots

Interior architecture, works on the invisible elements of architecture such as light and smell.

Irene Gisbert

Perfumer and anthropologist. Promoter of the world of smell, creator of the brands Lua & Lee and Ainea Perfumes.

Andrés Croxatto

Youtuber, Andrés Perfume Man

Juan Lopez Becerril

Youtuber, Hueleme mucho

"I felt something so intense,
I could only express it in a perfume."

Jacques Guerlain