Andrew Hugg

Rica Mallorca

Hello from America, my name is Andrew Hugg and I’m happy to present my creation, “Rica Mallorca.” Or in English, “Rich Mallorca.” This means rich not only in money, but also in beauty. The inspiration came from when I was living in Stuttgart recently and like the Germans, I enjoyed relaxing weekends on Mallorca. This perfume is my impression of eating paella and drinking Sangria by the sea in Palma. It is fresh, sweet, spicy and woody.
Bergamot is the dominant material here, with black and pink pepper and saffron to complete the paella illusion.
To me, Mallorca is also woody and aquatic, so those notes are strongly felt along with elemi and leather to justify the “rica” part of the name.
Congratulations to the other finalists and see you soon.


I am developing the brand Sintanni after my mother’s name: making creative, inspired fragrances with no expense spared.