Gwen Gao

Meet in Japan

To me, composing a perfume is not solely the creation of a new smell. It’s to revive beautiful memories of your life, to share it with whoever wants to embark on a collective journey. On a rainy day in Kyoto.
I was accompanied by my friend; we were having a matcha infusion in a tea ceremony room.
With the hay smell of the tatami mats, and the flavor of my bergamot tea. This perfume is my invitation for you to join me on my trip and sharing you this beautiful moment.
Let’s meet in Japan.


My name is Gwen. I was born in Taiwan. I’m a perfumer for the Floressence company based in Bangkok.
To me, the Asian continent constitutes the roots of my identity. This is why they’re often my works’ conceptual inspirations. The rapid economic changes in Its different countries constantly reflect the old against the new, which brings a fascinating collision of fragrances and flavors of study for a Perfumer.

My time in Europe has also helped broaden my perspective of smell and the emotion that it generates.
Thanks to all these diverse cultural interactions and travels, I use these experiences to fuel my inspiration and turn them into my creations.