Juncal Tomás

Etna´s Lava

Hello, my name is Juncal Tomás, and I’m a Junior perfumer at Eurofragance. My composition it’s called Etna´s Lava. A few years ago, I went to Reggio Calabria to visit the Bergamot fields that grow on a hill parallel to the sea, and in front, you could see Etna´s Volcano in Sicily, which was an amazing view. I wanted to translate what I felt at that moment into this composition that it’s all about the Bergamot. On top, you can smell the freshness and fruitiness of the Bergamot combined with Armoise, and Elemi, that represents the Bergamot trees. It´s a contrast with the heart notes that are leather, smoke, Saffron, and Agarwood, together with a Marine breeze accord, that represents the Volcano and the sea. The base is a combination of Ambergris, Oakmoss, and Patchouli, that reminds the earthy humidity of the fields. I hope you enjoy smelling and traveling with the composition and Thank you very much!!!


Junior Perfumer trained at the Eurofragance Perfumery Academy. Prior to that, I was formally trained as a Pharmacist. Currently, my career development has led me to Singapore, where I have been based since 2019. Discovering the perfumery world was an awakening for me, creating perfumes is where I find myself losing sense of time, is so much fun, sometimes it doesn´t even feel like work. It is the equilibrium where I can combine my chemistry background with my knowledge of raw materials to create fragrances for different media, seeking originality, performance, stability, long-lasting, sustainability, simplicity, and beauty. I feel perfumers have a responsibility to make the lives of the people who consume our fragrances nicer, because smelling something beautiful is happiness.