Kacper Kafel


This is the most exclusive lemonade from bergamot. You imagine this transparent and very subtle yellow liquid which cares your taste.
The most characteric point is dominant note of orris root in heart, which undercut bergamot juiciness and create characteric, ultrafemine and intimate but fresh quality in the same time.
This destroy stereotype of typical powdery, heavy and opaque orris scents in rebellious style because scent is constant sparkling and fresh.
In drydown found subtle aspect of oakmoss reminescent to hot mossy bark on riverside, forestfloor and tanned skin your crush.
Oakmoss merge with cosmic rose accord create new quality which sometimes links to characteric sour and dry note of red-currants.
Notes: bergamot calabria, pink pepper, violet leaves, geranium, cosmic roses, orris root and oakmoss.