Max Rossa

Sole Calabrese

“Hello everybody, my name is Max Rossa, and I am the creator of the fragrance Sole Calabrese. The name Sole Calabrese means Calabrian Sun, with which I hope to evoke the sunny and bright character of Calabrian Bergamot, as well as the region of Italy for which it is know. My goal was to create a simple yet refined expression of Bergamot, and I wanted the sharp, zesty, pure soul of this golden citrus fruit to be the main focus of the fragrance. I began by creating a powerful citrus accord, of course with Bergamot at the core, but with notes of white grapefruit, peruvian lime, and pink pepper, to accentuate the bitter, juicy, and sometimes harsh metallic aspects that make Bergamot so unique. In order to add intrigue and depth, I incorporated ginger, cedarwood, vetiver, and oakmoss, the addition I find adds a classy, tenacious base that gives subtle support to the hero material, the Bergamot itself. I hope you enjoy my creation, and thank you so much for your time.”
Max Rossa is a perfumer that from the beginning sought to combine the clear, logical mindset based in the sciences with the creative world. With a university degree in Biology combined with the foundational perfumery knowledge gained in the 3-year Master’s of Scent Design & Creation at ISIPCA in Versailles and a five-month creative perfumery internship at IFF, Max has since been putting his talents to work as Junior Perfumer at Cosmo International Fragrances in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His personality and personal style lend a succinct directness as well as refined simplicity to his fragrant creations, which has lead to continuing success in his perfumery career.