Sebastian Lacouture

Bergamote torrefiee

Hi! My name is Sebas.en Lacouture and I am “Bergamote torrefiee”. I have worked with an overdose of a beau.ful cold-pressed bergamot from Italy. It’s leading top notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and spicy cardamom. To improve the fresh long las.ngness, I have created an earl grey tea accord with ginger and ve.ver. I also wanted a duality by adding a roasted coffee bean extract, tonka, vanilla, incense, and white musks. Bergamote torrefiee shows the of Bergamot to blend naturally with sweet and spicy ingredients in an original unisex blend. I hope that you enjoy smelling and wearing it! Thank you!


As a passionate perfumer, I combine me.culousness and crea.vity with my love for ingredients.