Ugo Charron

Forever Bergamote

My name is Ugo Charron, I am a Junior Perfumer at Mane in New York and I am going to present you my perfume Forever Bergamote. 
The idea here was to create a Bergamot perfume that lasts forever. It’s not very easy for citruses since they are very volatile ingredients. So I paired it with Neroli from Morocco and Jasmin Sambac from India to enhance the citrusy impression in the floralcy of those two flowers and in the back,
I added some muscs and Orcanox, a very sexy and addictive molecule from Mane and a touch of Orris Abs to give a nice texture. And as well a bit of Fig!
Thank you so much!


When Ugo enthuses that colours bring joy to life, he could be describing equally his fragrance creations, his paintings, his music, his wardrobe, or his philosophy. Expressive, empathic and inclusive, Ugo’s cross-modal creativity channels his boundless optimism and vigor. He is originally from Sancerre wine country, where the hills are redolent with the grapefruit and boxtree aromas of Sauvignon Blanc. He trained as a chemist and a classical pianist, and builds on this solid grounding in technical precision to generate exploratory, playful multimedia work. Formally trained in Grasse, Berlin, and New York City, Ugo now calls Brooklyn home where he is part of immersive electronic duo Cosmic Gardens. He joined the New York MANE creative team in 2020.