The jury will select 6 perfumes in the General Category and 6 perfumes in the Freelance Category from among all the perfumes submitted, All the selected fragrances will go through to the final, where the best perfume in each category will be chosen.

In addition, these 12 finalist perfumes will compete for the Public Prize, awarded by the general public.

All contestants will receive a diploma. A digitalised diploma will be given to those who cannot attend the awards ceremony.

The winners will receive the “Mouillette d’Argent” award created especially for the occasion and sponsored by the Beauty Cluster.


Jury Prize / Rosendo Mateu

It is the prize for the best perfume in the absolute category. In this edition, for the first time, this prize has an economic endowment of €2,500, provided by the Rosendo Mateu brand, in honor of its creator who has been at the same time the president of the Contest until the last edition.


It is the best perfume chosen by the jury among all the perfumes created by freelance perfumers.

Nez, our media partner, offers to the winner a complete set of its collection dedicated to raw ingredients for perfumery : Nez+LMR the naturals notebook. 


It is the most voted perfume in the authorized voting points, anyone who has smelled it and therefore can have an opinion has the right to vote.



We will receive samples Until 20th of January, so make sure you send it on time.

From 1st to the 10th of February, the president and two other members of the jury will make an initial first selection. They will choose 6 perfumes for the Jury’s Best Perfume Award category and 6 perfumes for the Freelance perfumer’s category.

On the 15th of February, all the contestants will be informed whether or not they have been selected to go on to the final phase.

The 12 selected perfumes will go directly to the final of the Public Prize and the Jury Awards.


Between the 20th and the 30th of March all members of the jury will receive the 12 finalist perfumes and will vote via an online form. From the jury’s vote we will obtain:

The winner of the Jury Award in the General category.

The winner of Jury Award Prize Winner of the Freelance category.

The authors of the 12 finalist perfumes have the following options:

Option 1: Send 500 ml of ready-to-use, finished perfume.

Option 2: Send 100 g of perfume concentrate.

It must be sent to Lluch Essence (Lo Gaiter del Llobregat 160, 08820 – El Prat de Llobregat) specifying that it is for the International Perfumery Competition “Mouillette d’Argent”.

The perfume concentrate or the ready-to-use perfume must reach Lluch Essence before the 15th of March.

With the 500 ml of perfume we will prepare:

Samples for each member of the jury.

Samples for the different voting locations. In the 2023 edition, in order to award the public Prize, we will have voting locations in Teià, Barcelona and other cities in Spain and Andorra.

Each contestant is free to choose the best way to send their creation. Please take into consideration the requirements from the specific city or country from where the perfume will be sent.



The general public will have the opportunity to smell the 12 finalists perfumes.

The public vote will take place from the 25th of April to the 4th of May 2023. During the celebration of the IV “Maridatge dels Sentits de Teià” the public will have access to the 12 finalist proposals and will be able to vote until the 6th of May at 1pm, at the Casa Municipal de Cultura La Unió.

The voting locations:

The selections of locations will be made taking into consideration accessibility, and that they are especially related to the world of perfumery or culture.


Casa Municipal de Cultura La Unió (Passeig de la Riera, 116) TEIÀ

Usual voting locations

Perfumeria Regia – Barcelona
Las Topettes – Barcelona
Isidro Cosmetic Shop – Barcelona
Ruiz de Ocenda – Bilbao
Le Secret du Marais – Madrid

Others cities:

Julia Perfumeries:

Perfumería Julia ( l’Illa – Barcelona)
Perfumería central de Julia – Les Escaldes

Perfumería Julia – Mataró
Perfumería Julia – Valencia – Russafa
Perfumería Julia – Madrid – Genova
Perfumería Julia – Zaragoza

Points of sale of the perfume collection:

Perfumería Regia
Les Topettes
Ruiz de Ocenda Flores y Perfume
Julia Bonet
Perfumería Julia – Mataró
Perfumería Julia – Valencia
Perfumería Julia – Madrid


The results of the public vote will be announced on Saturday the 6th of May 2023, together with the jury awards, at Ca l’Antiga, Teià.

The prizes will be awarded on Saturday the 6th of May, 2023 at Ca l’Antiga (Teià) at a public gala where all contestants are invited to attend.

RSVP for the gala before the 29th of will be required.

The organisers reserve the right to reproduce copies of the winning perfumes; in this case, the authors will receive 25 copies of their winning perfume free of charge.

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